New eyebrow and eyeliner trend alert in 2017

Make up and everything relating to it is constantly reinventing itself but from time to time I ask myself this question: what were people thinking when they came up with this trend?

This is the thing that comes to my mind when I think of all the new trends that are coming up lately.

I mean ok, I get it. People get bored of doing the same old thing and are always looking for new ways to stand out from the rest but I think some people are definitely trying to achieve this a bit too much.

If you don’t already know the eyebrow and eyeliner trend I am talking about until now, prepare yourself and start looking for the best lip liner around as you will need it!

Apparently this new trend is all about squiggly things


You may think you are reading that title wrong but, no my friend. This is actually becoming a thing. From lips, to eyebrows and eyeliners, the “options” are endless apparently.

Some people are definitely loving this. Others, not so much. I happen to find myself accepting the trend but, I honestly do not understand it.

Plus, if you ask me, I find achieving this look a bit too hard and I am still stuck in 2016 trying to work with face illuminators. So, imagine trying drawing squiggly lines on my eyes! Impossible!

How can I even being to achieve this trend?

Well, if you happen to have Photoshop and Instagram, then I would recommend for you to just get those Photoshop skills working and achieve the squiggly look with that.

If you would like to actually try this look for yourself by applying makeup, then you need to be a pro and working them lip liners and eyebrow shadow.

Is this trend meant for any occasion?

I am not sure whether if this trend is meant to be for any occasion or whether it is meant for anyone to rock.

I mean, do not get me wrong. Anyone can try this look. The problem is the attitude that goes with it. You definitely need to have lots of attitude and personality if you are thinking about rocking this look.

And I think this trend should be rocked if you are thinking of going to the club or attending a Halloween party.