3 home remedies for bronchitis

Bronchitis is not a pretty thing for anyone to deal with. It is hard to get rid of and this is something that necessarily has to be done if you want to avoid having this issue get worse and transform into Pneumonia.

Now, before I even start to get into this post, I want you to get one thing clearly straight. Never ever, replace getting treatment from your family doctor with home remedies.

I consider that home remedies simply will just help in alleviating the issue of having bronchitis but, they are not the final solution to the issue you are going through.

So, since we have gotten this clear, I want to show you some home remedy options for bronchitis.

Drink lemon water with honey

This is such a simple one when it comes to home remedies but, it really does wonders for your lungs.

If you have ever been affected by a horrible bronchitis, you know you just feel like you are going to die drowned in mucus because your chest feels so stuffed and you can barely breathe.

Well, along with all the treatments and medication your doctor will prescribe for your bronchitis, drinking lemon water with honey will surely and most definitely help you in fixing the issue of having a hard time breathing and it will also help you in easing the cough that affects you during your bronchitis.

Doing salt water gargles

If you have not ever tried this, you will be amazed at how effective this home remedy is and the best thing about this remedy is that the results are instant.

You will feel like you just cleaned a pipe from all that dirt that was affecting you and not letting you breathe.

I usually go for marine salt but regular salt will deliver the same results as well so, no need to worry about the type of salt you use!

Say goodbye to cigarettes

Did you actually think you can get rid of a horrible bronchitis if you smoke a pack of cigarettes on a daily basis? Obviously, the problem will not be fixed until you fix this problem so, stop avoiding it!