2 ways to get rid of your dry scalp

It seems like we can never be happy with ourselves right? I mean, you either have to deal with truly oily hair or an extremely dry scalp. Either way, they are both truly uncomfortable and just plain right annoying right?

Now, the good thing about these issues is that they can all be solved in one way or another. You just need to figure out which of the many methods work for you right?

Now, in this post I want to talk about some of the treatment methods that have actually worked for me. This means that whatever worked for me, might not work for you but, at least you can try right?

First, a way to fix the problem is by knowing what is causing it

Ok so, you might know you already have a dry scalp but the issue might be due to stuff you are doing like using the wrong shampoo for yourself. I myself am a victim of using the wrong shampoo and clearly know all the harm this can do to your hair and scalp.

So, make sure that before treating the issue you know what is causing it or else, it will repeat itself.

Now, since I am more of a free spirit, I will recommend home remedies

I know, there are some stuff that a doctor can recommend that can do the trick for you and your scalp as well but, why not try remedies that are in your kitchen and work just as well?

Some of the remedies that might do the trick for you are mayonnaise, olive oil and Listerine.

I know you might have probably known about the first two I mentioned but, you probably did not know about the many uses Listerine has for your scalp up until now! At least I know I did not know until I did my homework!