What does the lack of exercise do to your body?

We all have heard our relatives and doctors tell us all the time: you need to work out and eat healthy if we want to live longer and healthier. Now, do people really hear this advice? Very few people do!

Even though nowadays there seems to be a fitness craze, some people are still thinking twice about whether or not they should workout. For some, working out is part of their daily routine for others, working out would take time away from their daily routine.

So, whatever your case may be, are you really aware of what the effects of not working out are? Here are a few of them!

Your lack of exercise will definitely contribute to your lack of happiness

You know how sex sets those happy hormones free? Well, the same thing happens when you work out. Working out not only contributes to your overall physical health but your mental health as well.

In fact, if you happen to be stressed out, based on my personal experience, I really recommend you work out at least 30 minutes a day if you are really feeling down or stressed out. You will be surprised by all the wonders working out can do for you!

You will clearly not live longer

I mean think about it. Not working out has consequences that seem like a chain of events. First, you become sedentary, and then you start having issues with cholesterol and hypertension. Not treating these issues put you at higher risk of heart attacks and circulatory problems and before you know it, you die of a heart attack by the time you are 50.

If you hate going to the doctor for constantly getting sick, then work out!

Since your overall health is improving by working out, you will see how you will get sick a lot less than you would if you do not work out. By working out, you are making your lungs and your heart a lot stronger so, how can your chances of getting stuff like bronchitis still be as high as they would we if you were not working out?