3 of the different types of hair removal that are available for you if you happen to be hairy

Oh yes, hair. We all have it and we all have to deal with it in many different ways. Some people are basically hairless and just have to worry about removing their body hair like once a month.

Others like me happen to have lots of hair and removing them becomes a weekly event. Now, not everyone can use the same methods for removing hair. For example, I happen to have really sensitive skin which means, I can’t use razors unless I don’t mind having a horrible allergy afterwards.

So, think of your needs and read the different options available in this list so that you can pick the option that fits your needs the most!

1.The easiest one: shaving

This is really not an option for me due to my really sensitive skin but, it is a very clear option for others. If you happen to have lots of hair, you know you basically need to be removing hair on a daily basis so; shaving is a great option for this.

Plus, it is also a great option for last minute plans like going to the beach without any notice but, watch out, if you shave the same day you go to the beach, you will definitely suffer and cry a little when you get in the water as it will burn like hell!

2.You can go for depilatory creams

These are as close as you will get to waxing without all the pain that is involved in waxing.

But, I got to be honest with you. This is basically like shaving as hair will grow back pretty fast. These actually cost a bit more than razors but, I consider that they damage your skin a whole lot less than a razor does. So, if you happen to be really hairy but have really sensitive skin as well, go for this option.


Ultimately, waxing will be the best option for you if you want to keep yourself as far away as you can be from hair. Yes, it is painful but, it will keep your hairless for at least 15 days.