3 most modern chimney designs

If you happen to be a proud home owner, then you know you constantly want to keep your house as cute and modern as it can be right? I mean, at the end of the day it is where you spend half of your day so, why not keep it as comfortable as it can be?

Now, just because you want your house to be as comfortable as it can be, it does not mean that you have to sacrifice design and aesthetics. You can have both and still have your house look and feel as good as it can be.

In this post I want to focus on the many designs there are out there when it comes to chimneys because believe me, the options are endless!

1.Want to feel like a celebrity? Then think of getting a mirrored glass fireplace for you house

Let me tell you something my friend, you will not regret making this choice. This fireplace could not get any more beautiful and modern if you ask me. And not only that, like I mentioned before, with this chimney design you are getting the best of both worlds as your house will still be as comfortable as it can be but with a very modern touch.

2.Now, you can keep your old chimney but add a twist of modern color to it

What do I mean with this exactly? Well, that you can modernize your house by adding a touch of neutral yet eye popping colors. For example, you can paint your house in a pastel color like brown, and paint your chimney square yellow. This will definitely make your chimney pop without having to do so much work to it! So, you will just need to worry about doing your chimney repair and keeping your chimney pretty without having to spend so much money.

3.Do you like the feel of an outdoor fireplace? Well, now you can bring that indoors!

Not everyone likes to go camping to get the most of the experience of having a beautiful talk with lovely people around the fireplace while eating s’mores right? Well, you can still do this at the very comfort of your house as you can have your very own indoor campfire with a chimney that adapts just for that.