2 foods that benefit your heart’s health and 2 foods that don’t

This should not be something you are reading for the first time. We all know that like in cancer, there are foods that definitely contribute to making you better or worse when it comes to the health of your heart.

Now, in this post I want to talk about the foods that not only represent a benefit to your heart and body but also, the ones that do not so much!

We need to know both sides of everything right? So, here you go!

Foods that are high in Omega-3

Not, only do these foods represent a health benefit when it comes to working out and fitness but also, they will definitely improve the health and performance of your heart!

You can find omega-3 in foods like salmon (which also represents protein to bulk up the muscles) and tuna.


I will never EVER say anything bad about oatmeal. Everything about it represents benefits to your body. In my case, whenever I am having issues with going to the bathroom or my stomach, oatmeal definitely does the trick in healing everything! Well, now guess what? Not only does oatmeal benefit you in every way, shape and form but also, it benefits your heart’s health. So, you better throw that defibrillateur cardiaque away as you will not need it anytime soon!

Now, one of the foods you should avoid are fatty foods

We have all seen what foods that is high in fat can do to the body but, have we seen what they can actually do to the heart and the arteries? Fatty foods basically makes it impossible for blood to get the way it should to every organ in your body as arteries are filled with this harmful fat. The one that harms the body the most are saturated fats!

Bacon, need I say more?

I know, sometimes I think to myself, was bacon sent by the Gods? Well, this could not be further from the truth as bacon might taste really good but, all that saturated fat it contains is definitely harming you and your heart.