Workout attire you must get in 2017!

Have you noticed that lately people are really getting into working out? I know I have noticed this. And let me tell you my friend, there is nothing wrong with this as this is actually a really good thing!

The options when it comes to fitness attire are growing by the minute.

Now, did you think that workout clothes were just going to be limited to a black legging and a lame sports bra? Well, think again because the options when it comes to fitness attire are growing by the minute.

Here are the top clothing attires that I consider to be the cutest this year when it comes to fitness.

Endless options for Triathlon participants

If you happen to be a pro at what you do which is working out, then you know there are certain things you use and wear that enhance your fitness performance. This is the case when it comes to triathlon suites but, since there are very functional, does that mean they have to be ugly? Think again my friend!

For example you can choose these 3 options:

·        The Pearl Izumi Elite Pursuit Suit

·        TYR Carbon Aero suit. I will not lie this triathlon suit is a bit on the pricier side but, it is so functional and cute you are going to be willing to drop every penny!

When it comes to running shoes, you got a lot of places to choose from 

It is very well known that if you do not get yourself the best pairs of shoes for running, your body will feel the impact. So, you know, you always have to make the investment in the right type of shoes.

But, just like I said before, you can get the best of both worlds as you can have aesthetic and functionality come with the same pairs of shoes. Some of the best brands this year are New balance, Under Armour and Reebok.

Crossfit outfits

Crossfit is become so popular nowadays so, does it really come as a surprise to you that there are workout attires being launched this year that are strictly limited to crossfit activities? I am not the least surprised about this!