What exactly are fidget spinners and what are they really meant for?

Unless you happen to live under a rock, I know you have definitely heard about fidget spinners. They are in everyone’s mouth nowadays, right? But, some may ask themselves: What are they really for? For some, it may just be a toy but for others, it is a lot more than that!

This is what I want to talk about in this post. What is a fidget spinner? What was the initial purpose of fidget spinners? Are they just made for fun? Or is there actually something behind it? I will answer these questions and more!

What is this device?

It is true, this is a toy. And what exactly does it do? It has multiple lobes and a flat surface that is supposed to spin on its axis without even having to try so hard. You can kind of tell why it is so addictive right?

Why are people obsessed with it?

Now, lately there has been so much craze around this toy, that some many versions of it have come to life and it is truly amazing! Some are even made out of gold and diamonds.

As you can see, basically the options when it comes to these peculiar toys are really endless and new ones are always coming up.

What are people really using them for?

Since there is so much craze around this item, you just know that some people just get it for the sole reason that this item is currently really popular. Others think of it as collectible items and really dedicate themselves to getting all the fidget spinner models there are out there.

For some people, it is just a toy and that is it. For others, this toy can even work as a stress reliever.

Some people learn really cool tricks with this toy so, I guess it can be a way to master some entertainment skills?

Is there anything bad about them?

Well, we all know that when there is a trend about something, definitely bad things will come as well. Not everything can be so good, right? Some schools have banned this toy as they find it to be distracting for their students but, at least we have not heard news of people getting injured while playing with this toy right?