7 Routines To Clear Your Mental Clutter

Work Out

This is number one on the list because it’s my number one self-care method for myself. The most important takeaway is that we all need to find our own way of looking after ourselves.  Working out is my meditation, the gym is my time to put some headphones on, get a great workout, and forget about anything else.

It doesn’t have to be running or lifting weights at the gym – whatever you enjoy. See if a good workout clears your mind and brings life back into perspective.


Meditation can take many different forms. If sitting cross-legged in silence isn’t your jam, you can still get the benefits of meditation. Try a yoga routine, walking around the park or your local neighborhood, or just trying a few minutes of silent reflection before you go to sleep.

If you’re guilty of creating mental clutter in your life, find 10 minutes out of your day to sit quietly and reflect.

You may not resolve any issues, but you will give yourself a chance to take stock, evaluate how you’re feeling and move forward. Sometimes a little perspective is all it takes to make a bigger change.

Act With Intention

Do you spend without first assessing why you’re buying something? Do you have business ideas, plans, and dreams, but feel overwhelmed by it all? Most of us experience one of these things on a regular basis.

Clear your mental clutter by bringing awareness into your life and your intentions. Know why you are doing something – spending, saving, and working on a project – and bring awareness into your everyday actions. You’ll soon know what parts of your day are mindless, and which have meaning.


Create A Routine

We all dream of a life without alarm clocks. But as someone who no longer has to be out of bed to start work at a particular time, I can assure you that the simple routine of a bed time and a wake up time can make all the difference to a clutter life.

You don’t have to be so strict with yourself as to wake up at the same time every day, but creating a routine in some shape can massively help with creating a more minimalist mindset.


Make Lists

If you’re guilty of juggling multiple ideas and getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information you’re taking in on a daily basis, getting it all out on paper can be a lifesaver.

Start creating lists for your life. From life goals, to daily plans, to journaling your thoughts – whatever you find most therapeutic. Clear out some space in your mind without forgetting your ideas – and allow yourself to take stock of what is a priority for you right now.


Know Your Priorities

Having a goal is great, especially when it comes to taking control of your finances. Clear your mental clutter by defining your priorities. Do you want to:

  • Start saving for early retirement
  • Save to buy a house (or van, or boat, or cabin..!)
  • Become location independent
  • Build your own business

You can of course have multiple goals – but prioritizing will help your thought process when important decisions need to be made.


Tidy Up

Of course, all the mental preparation can be meaningless if you’re surrounded by mess. Your physical environment is strongly connected to your mental state – if your home is cluttered and distracting, your mind will be distracted, too.

Create a space that relaxes you. We’re all different – you might thrive under piles of paperwork, or you may prefer to go paperless and see nothing but blank surfaces.