4 Genius Skin Hacks Every French Woman Knows

Avoid tap water at all costs

Three or four years ago I used to use a rinse-off facial cleanser, but I was advised by a facialist not to use tap water on my face because it really dries the skin out.

Instead, I mist my face with flower waters (rose or orange blossom), and pure thermal spring water, like the one from Avene ($26). I recommend doing the same to boost moisture levels year-round.


Use mascara to deflect from under-eye bags

The French approach to ageing can be really refreshing. Unlike other countries in which plastic surgery and injectables are seen as desirable or even necessary, the French embrace women of all ages.

In an interview with Into The Gloss’, Caroline de Maigret describes her non-traditional approach to minimizing under-eye circles: “I put on a lot of mascara every day. I like it packed on thick; it makes you forget the under-eye bags.”


Work out your face

Echoing the notion that French women love natural fixes and largely eschew surgery, de Maigret also told The Cut that she massages and exercises her face to keep the skin youthful. “There is a massage called pincement jacquet and they pinch your face and it’s really, really good. There is also a trick I learned as a model to move your face using the French voyelles: aoeou, which uses every muscle.” If it works for your body, it’ll work for your face right? (Source: beautyinme.com).


Tackle spots with natural ingredients

Many French women opt for natural skincare where possible. Many French women have trialed many products in their battle against breakouts (even enlisting the help of a pharmacist friend), eventually, discovered that what worked best for their skin was surprisingly simple. Cleaning your skin and then rubbing a lemon on your face. Leave it on for five minutes and use rosewater to take it off.