Thinking about buying your Friends some weird toys? Here are some ideas to achieve just that!

Whether you just do it out of the fun of annoying your friends or whether you are seriously considering getting a gift for them that truly stands out of the rest of the gifts, you can definitely get pretty weird with the gift options you have for your friends out there! These gifts are so weird but seriously fun that not only will you want to get them for your friends, but I bet you will want to get them for yourself as well! Here are some of the best options when it comes to weirdness!

Is your friend obsessed with pee and poo? Well….


I just know I am not the only person who has friends that are so proud of the masterpiece they made in the toilet that they just have to share it with the whole world right? Well, there are cute little stuffed toys that are shaped like well, you guessed it! Pee and poo! I can guarantee your poo obsessed friend will go crazy once you get this gift for them and they are just so cute that you might get one for yourself as well!

Now, you KNOW you have that one friend that is just constantly thinking about food and if you don’t, then that person might be you!

Since people that are obsessed with food will always want to eat more and more, why not get them a gift that just reminds them of the eternal love they have for food right? At least you know they will not eat that! Yummy world has these little doughnut shaped toys that are too cute for your constantly hungry friend to even consider eating!

Do you happen to have a friend that studies medicine? I got just the weird gift for you!

There are these little cute toys that are shaped like body parts so now, they can study them in a very peculiar and fun way. I can guarantee they will certainly thank you for this little cute and educational gift.

You don’t need to get weird with gifts though, you can always look for the best walkie talkie there is out there and give it to your friend and they will be just as happy with it! At the end of the day, it is the thought that counts right?