At what age should your kids be visiting the dentist and why is this so important?

Our teeth are a lot more important than you may think. They give our face shape and help us digest food and let’s face it, if we don’t eat, we starve and if we starve then, we die. So teeth are linked to lots of functions our body needs to carry out in order to be healthy. But also, our teeth need to be checked constantly by our dentist to make sure they are as healthy as they can be along with our body, because if this does not happen, we might be affected by things like gum disease. Now, do you actually think that only adults can be affected if they do not keep their teeth’s health in check? Well, thing again. Our children can be equally affected by bad teeth hygiene and this could lead to even bigger issues as they venture into adulthood.

First of all, what is the correct age for a kid first dentist visit?

Obviously kids come to this world without teeth. But the exact age in which your kids should be visiting their dentists for the first time might surprise you because, this should be at the moment their first teeth start to appear which means, they should start going to the dentist around their first year of life or just about six months after their first teeth start to appear.

Why is it such a big deal anyways?

Dentist need to make sure that your kid’s teeth are healthy and leading their permanent teeth’s way correctly. Babies can also get tooth decay since their bottle may be filled with sugary drinks that puts them at risk of getting tooth decay and gum disease so, this is something their parents have to be on top of to prevent their kids from getting tooth decay and if this is not treated, your child might have to get a root canal treatment.  We ALL know kids handle pain very differently from adults.

Now, we know how there is a saying that tells us not to leave what we can get done today for tomorrow and this applies to this issue. Make sure you get your children’s teeth checked to make sure in the long run; you spend less money on keeping their teeth healthy since there are no issues with them. So, no root canal treatments are needed. I recommend that if you want to keep all your family’s teeth healthy you check out oradentistry because they surely are the best in town when it comes to the health of our teeth.