Top Things You’re Doing That Cause Acne

Squeezing Your Face

Please, you know you’ve secretly peered into your face in the mirror and decided to purge the impurities that seem to be living underneath the top layer of your skin. This is incredibly tempting for anyone who was a picker as a teen or gets into obsessive patterns. The next time you consider sitting in front of a magnifying mirror to squeeze out blackheads and whiteheads, take into account how puffy and inflamed your skin will look afterwards.


Birth Control

Birth control has been a game changer for the past 50 years. It has been used to alleviate cramps, regulate periods, prevent unwanted pregnancies, AND has helped a number of women with moderate to severe acne. That’s why most people are not looking at their birth control as grounds for constant outbreaks, but it can definitely be to blame. If you’ve made a switch in the brand or type of birth control you use, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor and inquire about acne in relation to your birth control.


Your Glasses Are Dirty

If you are someone who wears glasses daily, sometimes, or only sunglasses, then you should definitely be washing your eyewear with lukewarm water and soap. Say goodbye to those days of merely rubbing the lenses on your t-shirt, because that is definitely loaded with bacteria that can cause breakouts. If you notice breakouts after you wear your glasses on the bridge of your nose, cheeks, or your hairline, this may be a likely culprit.


Heavy Oils

Heavy oils can also exist in conditioners and other hair products and they can definitely make oily skin throw a major tantrum. I’m not willing to have dry hair because my skin is acting like a spoiled brat, so my routine is centered around the fact that these oils leave me subject to breakouts. The days where I deep condition or do a hydrating hot oil treatment are also the days I give myself a 3-step facial where I open my pores, clean and exfoliate. I also make sure that I carefully apply oils to my hair to avoid direct contact with my face.