Crucial Things I Should Have Done Before My Baby Arrived

Freezer Meals

I really didn’t think about how hard it would be to cook with a newborn! I guess I was optimistic in thinking that my baby would take long naps in her crib. Well that isn’t happening and you can’t safely use the stove while holding or wearing a baby. So your best bet is to have freezer meals!


Organize Everything

Clutter can get out of control fast which is one of our biggest challenges right now. Our baby was born right before Christmas so we were hit with holiday chaos. Toys everywhere! The Christmas tree and decorations needed to be put away. We were drowning in generous baby gifts from coworkers and church members. We should have gone through the house and donated, trashed, recycled, or boxed up as much as possible to ward off the clutter after the baby arrived.


Grocery Delivery

We recently found two local places to deliver our groceries and it is so awesome! Grocery shopping was a challenge before the baby but now it is nearly impossible. If you have family nearby maybe you could ask someone to do your grocery shopping for a few weeks in lieu of a baby shower gift. Here are some grocery chains in the US that deliver.


Stock Up on Essentials

Luckily, we were able to stock up on some essentials while my family was visiting for Christmas. I had to laugh when my cousin posted on Facebook saying her husband had to run to the store because they ran out of diapers and it was Black Friday! Here are some things that are great to stock up on so you don’t have to worry about running out or going to the store when you are just too tired. Make a list of your most used items and stock up.


Date Nights

Life after baby isn’t the easiest on a relationship. Sleep-deprivation can be very difficult and you might find yourself squabbling with your partner simply because you’re tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated. It really helps to do some pre-baby bonding to strengthen your relationship and communication skills.