What are the different types of dental prosthesis and how do I know which one Works the best for me?

If you happen to have lost some of your teeth because of tooth decay or because you had a car accident there is no need to worry, it is not the end of the world because my friend, there is a way out and it is called getting dental prosthesis. Now, I know that maybe if you are willing to spend a little more money, then maybe you can get dental implants but believe me, dental prosthesis are a great options for patients with different needs.  You as a patient, just have to find the right one for you. Here are the options when it comes to dental prosthesis and here are the requirements for each one.

Dental bridges

If you are a patient that has lost a tooth and you are not fit for dental implants then a dental bridge is definitely the perfect choice for you. What are they exactly? Well, they are the type of prosthetics that, as their names says, work as a bridge by placing a fake tooth between two healthy teeth that work as pillars for that bridge. So basically, there is a gap and the teeth between this gap will have a crown on them that will work as a support for the bridge placed in this gap.

Now, if you are missing your whole set of teeth, then a total prosthesis denture is the best choice for you

These were made for patients that either lost all their teeth because of tooth decay or accidents that made them lose their whole set of teeth. These prosthesis are so natural looking that dental laboratories even take into consideration all the detail that implies making even the gum part look as natural as it can possibly be.

Now, if you have lost 3 or 4 teeth, then a partial removable denture is the way to go

In this case you may have also lost your set of teeth like I mentioned before, but you still have some healthy set of teeth left. If this is your case, then your dentist will probably recommend getting removable prosthesis for you.

Whichever one is the most fit option for you, all of them are definitely great option for a patient to get their smile to be as natural looking as possible.

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