HIV Symptons You Should Watch Out For Before It’s Too Late

The symptoms of HIV can vary from person to person, and in a few cases, there are no symptoms at all. If not treated on time, your condition will worsen, and your immune system will be damaged. However, there are a few very common symptoms that indicate you need to visit your doctor as soon as possible.



Headaches turning into chronic migraines are also a very common symptom. If you’re suffering from migraine for 10-15 days continuously, it is definitely chronic migraine. According to research, around 50% of people who are infected with HIV experience headache whereas 28% of people suffer from chronic migraine.


Swelling Of Lymph Nodes

An abnormal swelling of the lymph nodes, especially in the neck, underarms, and groin region, can be an initial sign of infection caused due to HIV.


Night Sweats

This is one of the most scary symptoms of an HIV infection. You might be comfortable with the temperature of your room while going to bed. But, as the night passes, your body starts feeling very hot, and you become drenched in your own sweat.


Rashes On Skin

Skin rashes that are caused due to HIV infection are called HIV rashes. This symptom is experienced by almost 85% of the patients. These rashes may later develop into blisters. Sometimes, they can also cause a lot of irritation.


No Symptom At All

Well, this is one of the most dangerous symptoms of an HIV infection. Most people fail to recognize any symptom. They continue to have unprotected sex and unknowingly spread the disease.


How To Know If You’re At Risk And Should Consider Taking A Test?

1. If you had unprotected sex.
2. If you shared injecting equipment.
3. If you think infected blood has got into your body in any way.

Thanks to technology, the modern HIV tests can detect HIV within 11 days of infection. So, if you think you have been exposed to HIV, it is better to get the test done immediately and prevent the infection from passing on to others.