Do’s And Don’ts For Your Newborn You Should Know

Washing Hands Before Touching Your Baby

If you’ve seen those hand sanitizers that doctors use before they touch your baby, you know why. It’s a good idea to have one of those with you in your car or at places where you can’t reach out for a hand-wash with a disinfectant soap. Don’t pass germs to your baby. Hand sanitizers will keep a lot of other health issues away.



Always bring your baby’s immunization history for when your doctor asks to bring your baby for the next shot. Keep the immunization history safe with you. Know what shots your baby has already been given at the hospital and which ones are pending.


Making Your Baby Sleep On Its Back, Not Its Tummy

You don’t have to mimic a poster baby that sleeps on its tummy while their body is still developing. Help it develop the correct sleeping posture as opposed to sideways sleeping. Until your baby is ready enough to toss and crawl, you surely don’t want to punish it by putting it to sleep on its tummy.


Swaddling Your Baby

Restructure the cocooned envrion your baby had while in the womb. Swaddling is one way to do it. Make it feel warm, cozy, and snuggly. You will love to see how your baby still wants to be all curled up like when it was within your womb.


Bottle-feeding The Correct Way

If your baby is on bottle feed, you don’t want to force her to finish her milk. She will give you the signs once it’s full. Also, you must hold the baby with a tilt, say a 45-degree angle to avoid accidental passage of the milk into the windpipe. Ensure there are no bubbles or foam in the bottle. If there are, allow the bubbles to pop out. Never allow the bottle in your baby’s hands completely, you never know whether it is drinking or regurgitating. Always hold the bottle, so your baby isn’t sucking in air. (Source:


Avoid Shaking Your Baby Vigorously

If you have to wake your baby up from sleep, shaking is certainly not the best way to do. It could cause internal bleeding in babies or cause Shaken Baby Syndrome. There can’t be a worse explanation!