Popular Beauty Products That Don’t Work

Foot Cream

There are lots of brands out there that sell creams marketed towards keeping feet moisturized, but there’s actually no reason to spend money on a foot cream. Guess what? It’s literally the same as hand cream or body lotion. Just use that!


Stretch Mark Creams

Like cellulite, stretch marks are stubborn and incredibly difficult to deal with. They also become harder to minimize the longer they’re on your body. Unfortunately, there is no cream or ointment you can buy that will magically get rid of your stretch marks. You can minimize the appearance, but don’t believe any hype. Nothing will make them disappear forever.


Over-The-Counter Dandruff Shampoos

Bad news if you suffer from a dry scalp: over-the-counter dandruff shampoos and conditioners that can be purchased at the drugstore aren’t the answer to your problems. Some hairstylists even say that aside from not getting rid of dandruff, some of these can dry your scalp out more, making things worse. Instead of buying a special shampoo, try brushing your hair more because it redistributes the oils.


Split-End Treatments

There is only one way to get rid of split ends and that is cutting them off. No matter how much money you spend, you will never find a product that repairs or eliminates split ends. In fact, many of those products saying they do that will make your split ends worse because they damage your hair. So, instead of spending money on useless products, spend money on a trim – it’s the only thing that works.


Pore Strips

I won’t lie: pore strips look and feel really cool. It’s incredibly satisfying to put on your nose, then peel it away to see a bunch of gunk stuck to it while you examine your newly cleaned nose. Unfortunately, while pore strips do work in the sense that they get rid of the stuff in your pores, they don’t actually DO anything helpful.