How To Have A Much More Passionate And Fulfilling Life

Start By Getting Organized

Buy a planner, tackle your inbox and take away at least one area of disorder in your life. Everyone has different methods behind staying organized, but I’ve found that a clear workspace keeps me sane when the days get chaotic. Give it a try and trust me, you’ll be amazed with results!


Grab a System That Allows You to Be Your Most Productive Self

There’s nothing like crossing off your to-do list. Before you can work toward your big picture goals, you first need to cross out the nuances of your daily to-do list. If you’re digitally savvy, an app like Evernote may work for you. I personally get a rush from physically crossing something off a hand-written checklist. Remember, your organizational system should be quick and simple. Creating a checklist shouldn’t take longer than the tasks at hand, right? (Source:


Enjoy Life’s Simple Moments

Not every hobby you love needs to be tied to cause. Browsing through your favorite record store or binge watching a show on Netflix may feel like you’re not helping anyone, but sometimes you need to help yourself first. By embracing the free time in our hectic lives and resting a bit, we can recharge ourselves to for our next big task at hand.


Create an Effective Plan to Travel 

Start each year with a map and mark down the places you’d love to see. Next, portion out your vacation days accordingly and book flights well in advance to cut costs. Trust me, there’s inspiration to be found in every kilometer you travel and lessons to be learned in every person you meet along the way. I personally would love to travel to South Korea! An entirely different culture than mine mixed with amazing food and people!


Find Time for New Friends and Keep the Old 

This may seem a bit harsh but one essential tip for making the most of your time is spending it in good company. Fill your life with the energy and ideas of new people you meet, but also make sure to stay grounded and close to the old friends who helped you grow. And steer away from those who do more bad than good to you!