The Horrible Truth Of How Verbal Abuse Will Affect Your Kids

Health Issues

Depression leads to “substitution chain”, in which the victim to satisfy his pleasures tend to indulge in overeating or stop eating altogether. This affects his growth and development of bones, muscles and vital organs are also impaired. The child, thus gets weaker and weaker with time.


Develop Anti-Social Tendencies

The worst side effect is that abused children often grow up to be damaged adults and abused parents as well. Several studies on criminals’ childhood have established links between verbal abuse and the individual’s criminal history. (Source: momjucton).


Become Addictive

The drive to accomplish a goal often keeps us away from alcohol or drugs. Again, if you look at the simple fact, the hungry will look for food while the depressed will look for addictive substances to keep themselves away from reality.


Develop Inferiority Complexes

When a child is yelled at constantly, he starts believing “there must be something wrong with me”. This will cause a terribly huge impact on your child. That said, your child will start developing inferiority complexes and feel like his friends are superior than him.


Deteriorating Mental and Physical Performances

With lower self esteem, the child may exhibit poor mental and physical performances. If a parent for instance says, “I know you will win the race”, the child will automatically start assuming that he has won the race and he will have no doubts in his mind, regardless of what the outcome may be. However, if you told your child “you just don’t have the stamina”, he will get nervous for the poor outcome predicted on him. The child at this point may decide to lose to prove that his parents are right.


Low Hope In Life

Victims subjected to constant verbal abuse may fail to develop a positive outlook and show poor self confidence that might cause problems in their later stages of life.