How To Teach Your Kids To Let Go Of Bad Habits

Identifying the Root Cause

Children usually have such behavior patterns because they are stressed. It is important to talk to the kids, observe and identify the reason causing the stress. Listening to their problem, being patient, showing love and support and helping them deal with these stresses is vital in getting rid of these terrible habits.


Setting Rules

Establishing rules is crucial for getting rid of your child’s bad habits. Letting them know the consequences of violating the rules while implementing the same with authority helps to keep children from doing bad habits.



Paying a lot of attention to the bad habit and punishing your child may actually have a negative impact. He/she will be encouraged to repeat the behavior when given attention. Hence initially it is best to avoid paying attention to the annoying habit and let your kid outgrow the habit on his own with time.



Your child can only avoid the bad behavior if he consciously wants to. It’s very important to let your child know that such habits are unhealthy. With maturity, your toddler will understand these reasons and will naturally lose interest in the bad habit and give it up. I highly recommend doing this as it’s very successful.


Praising and Rewarding

Praising and rewarding your kids when they engage in good habits and avoid the bad ones is an excellent strategy. Letting them know that their good behavior was appreciated helps boost their moral and gives them a reason to quit the bad habit. My sister did this with her kids and she saw results a lot quicker!


Boosting Morale

Developing a sense of trust in your child, supporting and loving him by being patient and sensitive promotes emotional stability. Give your child the opportunity to take decisions at times, this helps to develop self-confidence and decision-making skills. Remember that all these tips will only work when you are consistent and patient!