How To Make The Most Sinfully Delicious Crab Avocado Wontons

For all my wonton lovers, I have an AMAZING recipe for you. It’s called the crab avocado wontons and they are simply to die for! They taste absolutely amazing and you can enjoy them whenever you’d like. I personally love enjoying them as a late night snack while I’m binge watching Game of Thrones. You can also enjoy them with of your favorite sauces or serve them during a reunion with your friends an family! Now let’s start with the recipe already!

For the ingredients you’ll need the following:

  1. 8 ounces imitation crab meat.
  2. 2 avocados.
  3. 8 ounces cream cheese.
  4. ? cup green onions, chopped.
  5. 1 teaspoon chili powder.
  6. 24-30 small wonton wrappers.
  7. 3 tablespoons water.
  8. sweet and sour dipping sauce or sweet chili sauce (you can find these kinds of dipping sauces in the Asian section at the grocery store).
  9. optional: sesame seeds.

Now that you have all the ingredients, let’s bake these bad boys. First things first, preheat oven to 400 (200 C). Now grab a large bowl and combine the crab, avocados, cream cheese, green onions, and chili powder and mix them together until all ingredients are properly mixed.
Line a large baking sheet with foil and spray with cooking spray. Place about 1-2 tablespoons of the crab-avocado mixture in the center of each wonton. Next off, place water in a small bowl. Dip your fingers in the water and then pinch together the sides of the wontons so that they stick together. Lay each triangular wonton in a single layer on the prepared baking sheet. Spray wontons heavily with cooking spray.
Bake 8-10 minutes until tops begin to brown. Remove from oven and carefully flip wontons over. Return to oven and bake another 8-10 minutes. Allow to cool slightly before serving with dipping sauce. Sprinkle with sesame seeds if desired. (Source:?

Making this article has now given me a HUGE craving for crab avocado wontons! And it’s a perfect moment to bake some since my boyfriend and his buddies will be spending the weekend over at my place. Hope you enjoy!