Top Worse Things to do While You Shower That Create Acne

You probably did various things that you thought were harmless to your skin while you showered but it turns out it did more harm than good. More than once have I also done this and as a result my skin is at its worst. In order to prevent others from making the same mistakes I did, I’ll provide a list of things to avoid doing while showering!


1. Not Using Gentle Coffee Scrub

Some of the scrubs sold at drugstores are very damaging to your pores. Using a gentle coffee scrub can prevent damage and dryness on your skin. If buying a coffee scrub is a bit too expensive for you, I suggest making a homemade version of the coffee scrub which is super easy and equally beneficial!


2.?Wash Bacne With any Brush

Not every store-bought brush is capable of properly scrubbing away any bacteria and germs that are lingering on you. Some of them can also be too rough on your gentle skin. I suggest using antibacterial bamboo fibers.


3. Using an Old Sponge

The amount of germs lingering in your sponge is insane especially if it isn’t changed after three months. If you use an old sponge you’re only scrubbing yourself with old dirt and bacteria which can cause a terrible breakout. Instead of using a sponge how about switching to antibacterial konjac.


4. Using Regular Towels Instead of Bamboo Towels

“Kelly A. Reynolds, an environmental health professor, says when dead skin collects in your towels, it creates an environment thats great for mold and bacteria. These bamboo towels are great because theyre made with bamboo rayon, which is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Theyre softer and more absorbent than regular towels, and because its significantly harder for germs to flourish, you wont be wiping bacteria all over your freshly showered body”. (Source:


5. Using Unfiltered Shower Heads

Unfiltered water can actually clog pores, this leads to more and more acne on your skin. The reason why unfiltered water clogs pores is due to the fact the more than 80% of tap water has bacteria, metals, chemicals, chlorine etc. Using Aquacare Filtered Showerhead will eliminate all the bad things found in water.