Tips And Tricks You Should Know When Going For A Run

Strengthen Your Calves, Ankles, And Feet

If you don’t strengthen your calves, ankles, and feet you’ll get shin splits. Shin splints can really disrupt your running routine. they are an VERY painful and very annoying. However, that doesn’t mean that you should suffer. By simply stretching after warming up you won’t have to worry about it.


Create Incentives

Reward yourself for your hard work. You could treat yourself to a nice snack if you’d like. However, try to avoid any fattening snack. Try to eat something that is both delicious and yet healthy like a banana with peanut butter dipped in dark chocolate!


Try Some Weight-Training Every Other Day

To achieve your peak performance, youve got to be cross training and strengthening other muscles.You will be surprised at how much your pace (and overall endurance) improves my pumping some iron. (Source:


Get Better Sleep

Get the proper amount of sleep you need. 7-8 hours is more than enough sleep. If you have any trouble in sleeping, I suggest not using your phone or any device an hour before going to bed.


Wear Pantyhose To Prevent Blisters

It’s best to first cut off the pantyhose and turn them into socks. However, if you don’t want to do that you can simply just put them on and you won’t have to worry about blisters!


On Long Runs, Take A Credit Card, Phone, And Toilet Paper With You

Being prepared will keep you from worrying about things like going to the bathroom or buying something that you need. You can bring a koala bag or use your pockets to put anything you’ll be needing.


Lay Out Your Clothes Ahead Of Time

This will help you feel more committed to running, and youll have fewer excuses when its time to hit the streets. Make sure to also bring water with you!