Clash Royale Basic facts players should be familiar with

Supercell became known by launching a game called Clash of Clans. This is one of the most played games there is for cellphone/tablet users everywhere in the world. It involves strategy and battles players must engage in order to protect the village they have created. But now, there is a spinoff game Called Clash Royale and it is a card based game that also uses strategy and battles in which your favorite Clash of Clans characters can engage in.

Clash Royale: Tactics mixed with Cards

Clash Royale involves defensively protecting towers by battling in arenas. This means that there is a lot of decision making involved in this game in order to effectively protect your towers. In this game, cards are the only way of organizing?troops,?spells, and?buildings.

As the player battles, new arenas are unlocked

The more a player battles in Clash Royale, the more the trophy count increases and as this trophy count increases, new battle arenas are unlocked. Also you earn chests with different cards in each battle arena. This means that a new arena represents a new set of unlocked cards. Also there is a special arena called Legendary Arena. This arena unlocks when a player earns 3 thousand trophies. The trophies in this arena are called Legend Trophies.

Gems: The currency used in Clash Royale

Like in any other games there are ways to improve your troops, buildings and the chests you earn in Clash Royale. Gems are used to purchase chests and cards. A player has many ways of earning free gems, whether it is by achievements or opening chests. Also, real life money can be used to purchase gems but there are many clash royale cheats out there for players to avoid resorting to using real life money.

Creating Clans can help you earn gems, complete achievements and improve chances of winning battles

Clans are also a basic part of this card based game that involves strategy.? This also allows players to meet other players and form clans that can beat other clans in Clash Royale. Each clan has a leader which is basically the clan admin and it could either be an open clan or one that is invitation only. Either way, its guaranteed that being part of a clan will enhance your playing experience.