The Healthiest Desserts You Wont Believe Are Amazing

Cherry Pie Bars

These amazing cherry pie bars are to die for! Each bite is filled with an explosion of flavors that simply make you want to eat more and more. And the best part is that you wont feel guilty at all because they are super healthy and have very little calories in them.


Coconut Oil Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I LOVE cookies so much. Once I knew that I could make a healthier version of chocolate chunk cookies I knew I had to give it a try. Now I must be honest, Im no expert when it comes to cooking and the first two times I made them they got slightly burnt. By the third time they came out a lot better and tasted so good! I made some for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved them.


Healthy Flourless Black Bean Avocado Brownies

Most flourless brownies that Ive made didnt taste so good. But after trying out the black bean avocado brownie recipe they came out shockingly delicious. At first I didnt think it was going to taste good but after one single bite I was overwhelmed at its amazingness.


Raspberry-Currant Yogurt Crumble Cake

I first tried this at my sisters birthday. The cake tasted so amazing and I just had to find out who was the person who made it so he/she could teach me how to make it. Once I found out my sister (of all people) made the cake I knew I had to get the recipe A.S.A.P. she actually found it on Pinterest and after giving it a couple of tries myself it came out awesome!


Banana, Almond, and Chocolate Cake states the following: Guys, this cake is made with almond flour, cocoa powder, bananas, oil, and maple syrup, which makes it breakfast appropriate.