The Best Midnight Snacks You Didnt Know About

Small Bowl of Rice

Research in PLOS One shows that a diet containing rice is associated with a decreased risk of poor sleep by up to 46%, compared to bread (which had no effect) or noodles (which made sleep quality worse). High glycemic index foods like rice may improve tryptophan and melatonin production, say researchers. Plus, “it’s soothing and satisfying,” says registered dietitian nutritionist Christine Palumbo. Have leftover rice in the fridge? Warm it in the microwave and top with a dash of milk (source:


Ham and Cheese Roll Up

This two matched-up make a perfect midnight snack! A small slice of cheese and one slice of tryptophan-packed ham are a mere 100 calories. Can you believe it? Only 100 calories. Your body will definitely thank you for eating this simple yet satisfying snack before bed!


Tart Cherry Juice

This amazing fruit is full of melatonin, which is a sleep-regulating hormone. It is also packed with antioxidants. Sometimes what I like to do is mix my tart cherry juice with some sparkling water.


Handful of Walnuts

Walnuts are also rich in melatonin. Its been scientifically proven that eating them increases the levels in your blood. This is perfect to quickly fall asleep and to sleep like a baby. Despite how great walnuts are they are high in calories. I recommend eating 14 walnut halves which is equal to 185 calories.


Spiced Popcorn

Also known as: my all-time favorite midnight snack. At only 30 calories a cup, this snack is perfect for your late night movies or favorite shows. The carbs in popcorn stimulate the release of insulin, which has been proven to control your circadian clock. Dust with cinnamon or paprika and you are all set! Just sit back and enjoy your delicious spiced popcorns.