Simple Compliments Every Parent Should Tell Their Child


1. Compliment Their Character

This is something very important and something every parent should do. Doing something as simple as complimenting their character goes a long way. It can actually create a huge impact on their lives even after reaching adulthood.


2. Compliment Obedience and Respect

Its too easy to fall into patterns of disapproval, where the only time we notice is when kids do wrong. Rather than waiting for disobedience or disrespect (then coming down like a ton of bricks), try noticing obedience and respect: I dont always remember to tell you, but you are an awesome young man, and I appreciate the way you treat your mother. (Source:


3. Compliment Them for Simply Being Part of the Family

Kids value the fact that they are appreciated in the family. This isnt something that has to be one constantly; however its good to do this every now and then. This will also make them feel a lot better about themselves.


4. Compliment Contributions to the Camily

Kids need to understand that what they do makes a difference. They will even contribute to the family a lot more than if you didnt compliment them on the contributions they do.


5. Compliment The Quality of their Work

Complimenting them on their hard work (regardless of how little or small the task is) will make them feel proud and better about themselves.


6. Compliment the Effort, Even When the Result is not the Best

Sometimes its a bit difficult for kids to successfully achieve certain tasks. In this case, you can still compliment them about their efforts and you can then tell them how it should be properly done. They will manage to learn a lot quicker and faster.


7. Compliment When They Achieve Something New

They will be so happy to learn new things and achieving new things too thanks to this simple tip.


8. Compliment Their Sense of Style

We dont want to force kids into being clones of us. Its not useful to limit compliments to the narrow range of our own taste.


9. Compliment Steps Toward a Long-Term Goal

Waiting for perfection before were willing to dish out a compliment is inefficient it may even diminish enthusiasm, and does little to help the process of growth.


10. Compliment Their Friends

Even kids who arent your children need to be complimented too. Compliment them for being great friends with your kids. Or simply compliment them for being so cool!