Top Most Shocking Health Benefits Only Flax Seeds Give You

1) Reduces Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are mostly experienced during menopause. Its been scientifically proven that women who consume at least 2 teaspoons of flax seeds on regular basis reduce the hot flashes. Hot flashed were experienced so much by my mother. She was always in a mad mood thanks to that so I decided to search for any possible solution. Then I bumped into an article that talked about how flax seeds help with these hot flashes and after a couple of weeks she immediately saw a difference.


2) Deals with Inflammation

If you have low levels of omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids, you will most likely experience inflammation. Flax seeds are able to block the inflammation. It also protects your body from anything that can potentially increase inflammation.


3) Deals with diabetes

Flax seeds are able to control sugar levels in blood. Consume flax seeds regularly for 3 months to stabilize your insulin levels. The antioxidant properties of flax seeds make it an effective product for diabetes.


4) Deals with high cholesterol

Flax seeds help stabilize the bad cholesterol. By stabilizing the bad cholesterol in your body you reduce the risk of developing any heart problems. This is why many doctors advise their patients to consume on a regular basis flax seeds.


5) Removes dead cells states: You can also make a scrub out of flax seeds to carry out your daily exfoliation routine. Take flaxseeds and grind it to a semi-powdery form. Add 1 teaspoon of yoghurt to it and few drops of honey to it. Mix them well to prepare your scrub. Apply on your skin and gently scrub on your skin for the next ten minutes. Allow it to dry and wash it off completely with lukewarm water. The dead cells will be thrown out from your skin, giving it a fresh and younger look.


6) Prevents Hair breakage

The omega 3 fatty acids in flax seeds prevent hair breakage. The reason why it prevents hair breakage is because flax seeds control your hairs elasticity. It also strengthens your hair follicles.

There was a period where my hair was invaded by so much breakage. I was so annoyed because my hair used to be so shiny and healthy but lately I havent been treating it properly so I decided to start consuming on a regular basis flax seeds. After just one month my hair was finally back to normal. I was so happy with the results!


7) Reduces Dandruff

Flax seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that fight scalp deceases. Flax seeds also significantly reduce dandruff. Thanks to the fatty acids found in flax seeds, they are able to control the sebum production in the scalp.

I found out about this amazing tip thanks to my grandmother. She would always experience dandruff and she found out that flax seeds reduce her dandruff. After a while even I noticed how she had little to no dandruff on her hair! I was so shocked I couldnt believe it!