The 10 Craziest Ice Cream Items To Give To Sweet Tooths

1) Ice Cream Scoop and Stack, $17

Simply plunge the scoop and stack into your ice cream container, then stamp out the perfect cylinder of ice cream into a cone or a bowl. Serving ice cream has never been easier and simple! Once youve served it you can add some delicious syrup, fruits, or anything that you can enjoy your ice cream with. My nieces really loved this gift and its quite inexpensive and truly worth every penny!


2) Ice Cream Cone Dishes, $7.99

These cute and adorable ice cream cone dishes are a must-have for any ice cream lover out there! I got this gift from my mother and I was completely shocked at how cute they were. I loved them so much I even went out to the store and bought ten more for myself!


3) Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker, $49.95

This amazing and life-saving machine turns frozen fruit into delicious, creamy soft serve in a matter of seconds. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a homemade goodness every now and then.


4) Ice Cream Pop Maker, $16

If you decide to purchase something a bit less expensive than the Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker, how about purchasing the Ice Cream Pop Maker instead? The end result is equally amazing on both of them and its worth every penny.


5) Dippin Dots Frozen Dot Maker, $45

This amazing creation works perfectly as a gift for your friends and family! This is popular mostly amongst children. However, even us adults need an occasional ice cream dosage.



6) Ben & Jerrys Euphori-Lock Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock Protector, $24.99

Have someone constantly stealing your favorite ice cream? No worries this ice cream lock has got you covered. Keep your ice cream safe for yourself only by adding this lock along with the desired combination.


7) Ice Cream Cone Kitchen Timer, $5.99

This cute timer was very useful for me as I love cooking but I am very clumsy when it comes to keeping an eye on the goodies Im cooking. Its also extremely cute! I nearly had a heart attack due to its cuteness.


8) Parlor Ice Cream Dishes, $2.95 each

If you want a little bit more glamour and elegance in your ice cream dishes then these Parlor Ice Cream Dishes are perfect for you. Also they are only $2.95 each! Now thats a deal that id opt for.


9) Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float, $27.99

Berry Witherspoon on says: This weekend, I think Ill relax and float around the pool on a giant ice cream sandwich. Id say count me in on that sister! I thought this pool floater was so awesome and creative I just had to get my hands on one of them and enjoy it while Im in the pool or even at the beach.


10) Waffle Cone and Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, $46.50

I swear on all ice cream gods out there that this was the greatest invention ever! Who knew freshly made ice cream cones were so good to eat! I even bought one for my grandmother and she loves it so much.