The Ugly Truth Of How Alcoholism Can Affect Your Kids

You may enjoy a glass of wine after a long day at work or simply enjoy a couple of glasses during a nice relaxing weekend. But after a while, a glass of wine turns into even more glasses of wine. And drinking a bit of alcohol during the weekend turns into drinking alcohol even during weekdays. Before you know it, you end up drinking even first thing in the morning too. When you get to that point you end up being very dependent of alcohol or how others would say: an alcoholic.


Alcoholism doesnt only affect your health but it also affects people who surround you. The damage is even greater amongst children. I actually know this from experience. I have an alcoholic mother and its a living hell. My mother has been an alcoholic for many years and its been a terrible experience for my sister and I. Years of suffering has lead my sister and I to leave from such a terrible environment. My sister left first and Im already making plans to leave.


If you suffer from alcoholism, let me tell you that it doesnt have to end like my experience. Alcoholism is treatable and so many places and even people are willing to help you and your family.


Did you know that alcoholism can cause depression, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD? The risk is actually very high amongst children and it can still affect them even when theyre adults. A lot of kids start to have behavioral problems, poor academic performance, and can be emotionally hurt. The hatred and violence grows at an alarming rate too.


Kids who struggle in an alcoholic environment dont experience the beauties of their childhood. They end up having no choice but to mature quickly. A lot of them even start acting as caretakers even at a very young age.

As long as they are still with a family member who is an alcoholic, psychological problems start developing too. And they can worsen quite rapidly. I remember how my parents would constantly fight every time my mom would drink, it was horrible. And it got so severe for me that there were times where I started hearing things. Hearing fights between my parents that werent even real. At that time I didnt see it as if there was something wrong with me or that I needed help from someone.


As I mentioned before, alcoholism affects the health of the person who is dependent of alcohol. The chances of getting throat cancer increase up to 700%. That is incredibly alarming and even scary for me. I never knew how badly alcohol could affect someones health until now.


If youre and alcoholic, please seek foe professional help. Also ask help from your family and have your children seek for professional help too. Also, if you know someone who is an alcoholic offer help to them, let them know that everything will be ok.