Terrible Mistakes You Make When Potty Training Your Child

Potty training your child isnt always something easy to do. Even if youve had many children its still a huge challenge. And most of the time, parents didnt even know that some of the things they did were terrible mistakes that only made everything worse. Its most likely that youve made some of these mistakes but that doesnt mean that youve completely failed to potty train your kids.


First off Starting Before Theyre Ready

Theres no need to rush potty training your child. The timing is actually a lot more important than the training itself. As my grandma would always say: before running you must first crawl. Dont feel pressured just because other parents managed to potty train their youngest ones.


Not Being Prepared

Having the right tools is also important. Make sure youve searched into all the best potty training gear. A lot of parents recommend BabyBjorn potty chair. Also, carrying baby wipes with you at all times is also a great way to keep yourself prepared for anything.


Sky High Expectations

Potty training your child can be a very messy process. Literally. Know that things may not happen on your schedule. Be aware that there will be ups and downs. All you really need is patience and remember that you were also potty trained and it also wasnt a piece of cake.

Parents who are convinced it will happen in one day are in a huge need of a reality check. However, it isnt impossible to achieve it but its still a pretty long and tedious process.


Making It A Chore

Dont underestimate children as they are smart. The minute they realize that this is something they HAVE to do, the more they wont want to do it. Make it fun for them, do a potty dances, Have rewards, Cheer them on, tell stories about potty training that may seem hilarious to your kids.

This mistake is very common amongst parents who potty train their children for the first time. But dont worry, once they realize how fun it is to potty train they will learn very quickly.


Giving Up Too Early

Your attitude towards potty training is also important. Always keep a positive thinking. Having high expectations will most likely make you become frustrated or angry at the fact that your kids arent learning quick enough for you. If you get frustrated and give up, the potty training process will only be a pain to deal with and your kids will probably react negatively at your attitude.

Cheer for your children, encourage them, and have them believe that they can truly achieve potty training. If you start getting frustrated just take a small break and take some fresh air to diminish your frustration.

Remember that you are guiding your child through one of lifes most important lessons. With potty training your child is learning to be independent and confident. Once your child succeeds in potty training, enjoy with him the success.