Practical And Effective Products To Fight Acne

Weve all experienced the horrors of acne. Its affected us all in different ways too. Some people suffer some severe acne and others dont have a hard time with their acne. However, at the end of the day a lot of us hate having our gorgeous face covered in nasty zits. Even I considered using desperate measure to fight my acne only to realize it made it worst. After researching a lot and even consulting with the best dermatologists Ive realized that there are effortless ways to get rid of them.

Whether its homemade remedies youve used to fight acne or chemical products both work effectively. However, only few products properly work. Ill explain which Ive used and worked wonders to clear my acne.

1) Cetaphil

At first I was hesitant with this product, but I decided to give it a try as it was also very cheap. After just a couple of days I was shocked with the results. It cleared my acne so much I decided to buy even more. I also decided to put it on the acne I have on my back and now my back is pimple-free.

Dont worry if you have sensitive skin, Cetaphil is a gentle cleanser that does not contain harsh chemicals that will ruin your skin.


2) Benzoyl Peroxide Spot Treatment

A lot of the products that claim they can diminish any pimple in a short amount of time arent actually telling the truth. However, my best friend recommended this product to me and she would always tell me how it was a miracle in a bottle. She exaggerates a lot but shes the type of person whos very sincere when it comes to reviewing products. That said, I decided to give it a try and bought myself one. The price hurt my pocket a bit but I was still hoping for the best. And it actually worked!

Even if this product is a bit pricey it will last you a lifetime so its more of an investment rather than an expense. I now can happily see with my pimple-free skin that you should buy this product and give it a try.


3) Mask

If youve never used a mask on your skin I highly recommend to start using one. Depending on your type of skin, certain facial masks will help you with anything you may be struggling with. Even if you have dry skin, oily skin, any type of skin, a facial mask will help your skin a lot.


4) Bior Big Guns Scrub

At times, people think exfoliating their skin isnt necessary or consider it as something useless. But that is not correct. Facial scrubs help remove dirt and oil from your pores. When your pores are filled with dirt and oil you have even more pimples covering your face because your pores are being clogged. Scrubbing your face with Bior Big Guns Scrub give the necessary amount of help your pores need to remove any dirt and oil. Also, scrub you face once or twice a week. Do not scrub more than twice as this will severely dry out your skin.


5) Toner

Another unappreciated product. I also considered toners to be something that my beauty routine didnt need. But I researched a lot about facial toners and realized how important they are. You can also get the most out of your toners by placing them in cold areas such as your refrigerator.