Do Popular Video Games Really Make Us Violent

This question is commonly asked amongst parents. Its normal to be worried about how something may affect yourself or your child. However, do games really make us violent?

Today theres a wide variety of games, including very violent games such as Mortal Kombat. Studies were performed to see if video games truly made people violent and the results shocked a lot of people.


Ive actually had my fair share of playing games. I did notice changes in my behavior. Once I actually got addicted to the game I thought there was no turning back. I was always in a bad mood. I treated people badly and I barely had a social life. And even when I did I kept thinking about the game. Luckily I noticed my changes early and was able to fix it. However, being addicted to a game doesnt necessarily make you violent. There are other factors that play a huge role on how a game will affect you.


This topic has garnered negative attention against any company who offered violent games that many came forward and defended themselves. The Entertainment Software Association, a group representing the video game industry, decided to step forward against any study that claimed that video games do make people violent. Psychological studies claiming a connection between exposure to violent video games and harmful effects on people dont prove that such exposure causes people to act aggressively.


Only few studies were able to truly come up with proper conclusions. The APA states that violent video games are simply a risk factor. When one risk factor is combined with other risk factors its only a matter of time before a dangerous act of violence is performed.


A lot of people have their own views on whether video games make you violent or not. Some even say that video games are the reason for school shootings, violence towards women, and bullying. Others believe video games can actually help you rather than affect you negatively. Video games can actually help develop your intelligence. Video games also are a great stress reliever. Some people have also been able to learn a new language (mostly English) thanks to video games.


I can honestly say by my own experience that video games (violent or not) have definitely helped me. Im able to make decisions a lot quicker and a lot more accurately. Im also able to use my logics a lot better. Despite saying how video games made me moody, treating people badly etc. it was never because of the game. The only reason why I became that way was because I let it become an addiction rather than something to do on my free time or simply something to enjoy.


Whether you think video games do make people violent or not its, a matter of preference and also about researching properly. At times it takes experiencing the effects of playing video games to fully understand if they affect in a negative way or not.