The top 5 craziest hobbies you can never imagine

We all enjoy our free time in different ways, some of us like reading a good book while being on the couch, baking a gorgeous cake, and others play a beautiful instrument then there are others who spend their free time doing some insane and even lethal things for amusement.


WARNING: some of the hobbies mentioned can be dangerous and can be very lethal, do not attempt to recreate o reenact the following hobbies.

Here is a list of the top five craziest hobbies ever:

  1. Glacier surfing: who knew glacier surfing would be something someone would actually enjoy doing? Now the reason why people would enjoy glacier surfing is because sometimes when large pieces of the glacier start falling into the water it can actually create waves, some of these waves can be quite large and others can be small enough to be similar to those created in a beach.



  1. Volcano boarding: as if snowboarding wasnt already a slightly dangerous hobby, some people just need something thats a lot more extreme and that makes them have an adrenaline rush which is when some people started volcano boarding, some people actually even enjoy volcano boarding in active volcanos which is even more dangerous due to the fact that it can erupt in any moment.



  1. Train surfing: this hobby has actually resulted in many deaths (up to 40 kids who attempted this have died) and its insanely ridiculous, the goal is to literally jump on top of the train while it is still moving, some people instead of getting on top of the train just hang by the sides of the train while the train is moving.



People who have attempted train surfing and enjoy it usually seek trains that are really fast which may be the cause why a lot of the people who attempted such hobby have passed away, another cause for people to pass away while train surfing is because of getting electrocuted by the wires that are really close the top of the train.



  1. Egg shell carving: a less dangerous hobby and definitely creative is egg shell carving.



A lot of people enjoy the hobby because they are able to show off their creativity on something as delicate like an eggshell, besides carving things on the eggshell, people also enjoy painting the eggshell as well as decorating it with things like beads, diamonds, or anything they can get their hands on.



  1. Dog grooming: usually pet owners make sure that their dogs receive the proper grooming, then there are other people who made grooming dogs into an actual hobby where it isnt just cutting a few hairs its actually creating the craziest haircuts and some of them even dye the hair of their dogs there are also competitions around some parts of the world.



This hobby is particularly more popular in the United States of America and usually these competitions allow dogs from all sizes and even from any kind of breed although people usually opt for breeds that have a lot of hair like poodles.