Thinking about lightening your hair? Here’s all you need to know

The lightening of dark hair refers to the use of either natural remedies or chemical products to lighten or brighten hair that is naturally dark (i.e. born with dark hair color) or has been changed thanks to the use of chemical products. Lightening dark hair is something that is typically practiced by pre-teens, teens, young adults, and even both men and women.

The reason why people would dye their hair is because sometimes people arent pleased with the color of their hair because it was wrongly dyed, or the color was in the wrong shade, or simply because they wanted a change in their hair so they get them dyed. The popularity in either darkening hair or lightening it has created an enormous market for it as well as fierce competition therefor many products from all kinds of brands and prices are found in many stores where people can purchase them.

Should I lighten my hair?

Before anyone, regardless of age, wants to dye their hair the person must consider certain things for example: if they have the time to constantly keep up with the maintenance the hair may require, the cost of lightening dark hair, as well as if you are pregnant or if you suspect that you are pregnant because the dyes used to lighten hair dark hair contain chemicals that can be very damaging to the baby.


Different methods to lighten dark hair

If you have decided to lighten your dark hair you should consider different methods so that you can choose which ever suits you. Both natural remedies and products that can be found in the drugstore or market can be used to lighten dark hair; however some are more damaging and expensive than others.

When it comes to natural remedies to lighten dark hair the most commonly used are the following:


honey is known for its brightening properties and people dont just use it to brighten their hair but also their own skin, this remedy is great, effective, and cheap however it does take quite some time to actually see results although fortunately it is the least damaging.


Using a lemon or a lime is also a very common way to brighten dark hair because just like honey lemons/limes contain agents that promote lightening of hair or even skin, however this remedy is similar to honey when it comes to results, both of them take some time (approx. 1 month to see results from both lemon/lime and honey) if exposed to the sun it can darken the scalp and it can also damage the hair when it is used too often.

When it comes to chemical products to lighten dark hair the most popular used amongst people are the following:

Dyes found in drugstores or markets:

This one widely used and due to its popularity theres a large market and competition in it too, commonly used brands are: LOral, Swartzkopf, Nutrisse, amongst other popular brands.

Hydrogen peroxide:

This is one of the most commonly used product since it is a lot less damaging than bleach, its also popular because it is quite cheap compared to other products, also using hydrogen peroxide doesnt require professional help to apply it, anyone can do it at the comfort of their own home without the need of spending more money at a beauty salon.


This product is widely used on hairs that are darker shades and want to go as light as blonde or even platinum, unfortunately bleach must be applied by professionals and bleach can also be very damaging to the hair, the reason why its so popular is because the results obtained by bleaching hair are favorable because it makes the hair stand out even more than any other drugstore dye and it leaves the hair looking healthy and shiny.

Pros and cons of lightening dark hair

When it comes to dying hair there will always be a good side to it but there is also a negative side to it, heres what you must know about it:


  1. When it comes to lightening hair it is the easiest to do when you bleach it, it makes the hair color stand out and makes it shinier.
  2. When fine hair or thin hair gets dyed to a lighter hair color it makes it look more course or thicker.
  3. When it comes to lightening hair it can make a person look really young which is why a lot of adults and elderly people tend to get their hair dyed.

In the following image the beautiful Emma Stone where the image on the left shows her with a much darker shade of hair color, meanwhile on the right picture it shows her hair with a much lighter hair color.

emma stone hair


  1. When hair is lightened it can require a lot of maintenance at times to keep it at the desired shade.
  2. It can at times be quite expensive to some people to dye their hairs any shade when professionally done.
  3. The constant use of chemicals can be very damaging to the hair, especially when bleach and ammoniac are being used due to the fact that it dries out the hair and in some cases hair can start falling.